44 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next; Sideburns Commander Posts: 422 Joined: Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:32 am Location: auburn/enumclaw. Brand new series! $29.99. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show. Handsome ergonomic cork handles are easy to grip. After getting into the reviews a bit deeper, I noticed that a lot of people were having problems with the rod just completely breaking on them. All have long cork handles that fit perfectly into a rod holder and the reel seat will fit the reel of your choice. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee (FL209C2-8') 2 Piece 8' Fiberglass blank 10 guides that are well placed plus hook keeper. Was: $35.99. Another Okuma rod, the Celilo Kokanee Pro Trolling Rod is a favorite of a lot of fishermen. 99. View as Grid List. My favorite fish to go after is a Stripped Bass. $32.39. Was: $89.99. Leaving the house without your keys is not an option, even when going on a run. The rod is a two-piece, which can be beneficial, but they also tend to snap where they were connected. But as soon as these hit the market, there was a new standard for Kokanee Salmon trolling. Eagle Claw CG6MS2 Crafted Glass Spinning Rod … You were happy to hear that parasailing is not like riding a roller coaster. Coming in at a hot $180, this rod does have the reviews to back it up. G-Loomis is known for having very high-end fishing rods. link to 17 Places To Stash Your Keys When Running. Kokanee Rods come in a variety of sizes and actions. Compare Compare Now. With only 6 lines of rods, in trolling, salmon, and trout rods, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Rod provides anglers with the perfect light action kokanee trolling rod. The high-quality cork just feels right in my hand. Featuring a 4 pound to 8-pound weight, a cork handle, and a spine that several reviewers claim can bend right in half, this 30 dollar rod is a fantastic purchase for a beginner, or if you just don’t know which rod to choose. It fits well in your hand and is very aesthetically pleasing. Eagle Claw's new Featherlight Kokanee RodsFind them at http://www.fishermans-marine.com/eagle-claw-featherlight-casting-rods.html My name is Tim and I have been a fisherman my whole life. Eagle Claw Pack Rod Spin /Fly 7ft6M 4Pc 7ft 6in PK601-76 Multi-color Spin-Fly Medium Action. The quality of the E6X series is nothing to question. Fiberglass construction delivers exceptional feel, durability and forgiveness. It works for me. So, what are the seven best Kokanee fishing rods, and which did I pick? The rod is durable and will last for a long time. I am hesitant to recommend this rod, however. Some have had issues with the guides needing replacement after usage. Overall, this is a very good rod. Eagle Claw Featherlight Casting Rod | Sportsman's Warehouse Perfectly matched reel seats and guides. Whatever rod you choose, just know that a good fisherman will catch fish regardless of what rod he uses. Okuma Pro Trolling Rod Carrying a 2 to 8 lb test range, this rod is absolutely perfect for our soft mouthed salmon. or Best Offer. 2 watching. A durable glass construction makes the Eagle Claw Pack-It rod perfect for the trail, trunk or turbo-prop. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Trolling Rod. In my time targeting Kokanee Salmon, I have noticed a few reoccurring rods in the hands of my superiors. You won’t have to wonder if your gear is getting hits, you’ll be able to see them. On Sale For: $84.99. The bend they have is sensitive and has the correct balance over the water. He said that his brother uses the Velocity’s Elite line more than anything else when trolling Kokanee, but he likes to spend a while wearing out the fish before bringing in them in. Lew's Speed Stick Walleye Trolling Planer Rod. One individual even went as far as to say that this rod made the rest of his trolling rods go obsolete. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Perfectly matched reel seats and guides.


- Backbone is ideal for soft-mouthed kokanee

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