Never had the opportunity to compare. My HP is accurate and feeds anything as long as I use the two original factory mags, MecGar mags I acquired, and not that p.o.s. Oh, well, that was before the internet was a common thing…. A set of 3 Browning Hi-Powers, all with the same Serial number! I don’t have a problem with the safety aspect as I’m sure all precautions and checks were made, but to me the object detracts somewhat from the photo of the pistol itself. The Hi-Power remains one of the most influential pistols in the history of small arms. The Browning Hi-Power was designed in response to a French military requirement for a new service pistol, the Grand Rendement (French for "high yield"), or alternatively Grande Puissance (literally "high power"). Umarex Legends MP40 CO2 Version (by WinGun) Special … Were it not for them, I would have kept it. Gunbroker and I have a long history. The only shine came from where oil was pooling on the surface or the occasional sharp worn edge. Very little ‘slop’ in it. Otherwise just typical long term holster wear. Browning Hi-Power Spring Kit – Ultimate Optimizing Kit for Full Size Guns $ 53.95 Select options; Browning Hi-Power Tools + Universal Spring Kit for FULL SIZE Guns. From 2013 the British Army is replacing the Browning with the polymer-framed Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol, due to concerns about weight and the external safety of the pistol. This version featured the removable barrel bushing and take down sequence of the Colt 1911. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace I picked my gun based on features. FMJ Blazer brass, 124 gr. At one time most NATO nations used it, and it was standard issue to forces throughout the British Commonwealth. They’re nice and shiny because all he bluing has worn off. $62.75. I bought one of their higher-priced ones a while back, and then replaced most of the springs and the grips myself, and had a smith replace the sights and remove the mag-disconnect safety (yes, in theory I should have been able to do the safety myself – in practice it wasn’t happening). The best price for browning hi power 9mm for sale online. [22] A Hi-Power was used by Mehmet Ali Agca during the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Unlike modern double-action semi-automatic pistols, the Hi-Power's trigger is not connected to the hammer. Serial numbers on pistols for the Chinese contract instead used the letters 'CH', but otherwise followed the same format. They’re not the 40’s vintage 1911 sights that liberated the FN plant in Belgium, however, and certainly not Novaks. Caracal C Compact; Charter Arms. I had me one, and I hope the TTAG ‘Armed Intelligentia’ can help me identify it. Barrel Length: 4.7 inches This is one substantial gun, and that tamps down on the recoil, for sure. Groups averaged just over 3½” with the occasional flyer (shooter error). After occupying Belgium in 1940, German forces took over the FN plant. Former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi carried a gold-plated Hi-Power with his own face design on the left side of the grip which was waved around in the air by Libyan rebels after his death. Canada? And it has done it with an exceptional record of success. The Browning Hi Power is one of the most prolific fighting pistols of all time. The pistol is named for its 5.7-mm (.224 in) bullet diameter, and the trademark capitalization style is intended to emphasize the manufacturer's initials—FN. When the Chinese contract was cancelled, all undelivered Chinese-style pistols were accepted by the Canadian military with designations of 'Pistol No 1 Mk 1' and 'Pistol No 1 Mk 1*'.[21]. I have a decent Canadian Inglis. It was based on a design by American firearms inventor John Browning, and completed by Dieudonné Saive at Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal, Belgium. I had the following on hand: 115 gr. 1 Review Add Your Review. By Nick Franssen: The pistol that would eventually become known as the Browning Hi Power pistol started life as the P-35. There was little finish loss. I wish I would have held on to that one. Thank you, thank you for beating me to the punch on this garbage about who is the true father of the Hi power. Genuine Browning Hi-Power P-35s were manufactured until 2017 by FN Herstal of Belgium and Portugal and under licence by Fabricaciones Militares (FM) of Argentina. Later versions went to a larger safety to address this issue.[17][18][19][20]. Even the Ancient HIgh Power requires you to jack back the slide when taking it down. *faints*. 3. Serial Number beginning with 01001 at the start of each year. usual tri-cast quality product. I didn’t notice any other rust or corrosion. Versions of the handgun continued to be made at the FN factory in Belgium under Wehrmacht control, with the designation "9mm Pistole 640(b)". It wasn’t the Gold, so it must have been the ‘Classic’. Upping the ante with regard to the ‘object in trigger guard for handgun photo session’, looks like some sort of high (all?) I poked around in the easily accessible trigger mechanism and, lo and behold, found enough black sludge and grit to convince me this gun had been in an Israeli sandstorm. Yup. When they say “shoots to point of aim,” they’re really on the money with this machine. With its ease of use and minimal recoil, it’s a blast on the range. tricast triaxis 14m carp fishing pole. [6] Examples produced by FN in Belgium under German occupation bear German inspection and acceptance marks, or Waffenamts, such as WaA613. If I had to choose between this and any service pistol or revolver up until the 80’s I could only see going w/ a TT-33 over this just for the penetrative power of the Tok cartridge. [11][12][13], In February 2018, FN Herstal announced that the production of the Hi-Power will end.[14]. For carry purposes the HP is not a wise choice unless it’s the only pistol you own and you have no means of obtaining a 1911 or any modern semi auto pistol such as Glock or Sig that is much more safe to carry. Springfield Announces the New Hellcat RDP With 3.8″ Barrel, Compensator and HEX Optic, Lone Wolf Arms Announces New Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) Complete Pistol Line. brass 12 gauge cartridge. The three are ...Click for more info. Save big on a new browning hi power 9mm. They ranged in price from about $325 to $475. I look for pictures more than descriptions; “85 percent” does not mean the same thing to everyone. The Browning Hi-Power Mk I uses a 13-round staggered magazine. Classic John Browning design. The Moron that designed the take down system must have been a Chimpanzee that took the engineering job to design the take down system because he was not intelligent enough to work in a zoo. Full power multishot pcp air rifle from BSA with walnut stock. As you’d expect, the 124 +P ammo shot the highest, approximately two inches above point of aim at 15 yards. The Hi-Power, like many other Browning designs, operates on the short-recoil principle, where the barrel and slide initially recoil together until the barrel is unlocked from the slide by a cam arrangement. Browning Hi-Power SlantPro Tritium Rear Night Sight Browning Hi-Power #3006BRP. Mine was listed in “fair” condition. im Großlager. Hersteller: Browning / F.N. It’s as accurate as I am, so I can’t complain. Tanaka Browning Hi-Power MK III Stainless. 1/2. FN commissioned John Browning to design a new military sidearm conforming to this specification. I was there when he bought it – so it’s not a surplus gun.. This is because when cocked, the shaft the safety turns on is under hammer spring pressure. The German Army adopted the .32 acp over the .380 acp when they found out the .32 acp would penetrate a helmet and the .380 acp would not. Never had a problem of any kind. The ambidextrous safety levers were unfortunately made out of brittle castings so do not drop a High Power. I also added some nice Hogue custom wood grips (I’ve saved all the original parts). Provozovatel webu Pavel Vlach IČ: 76479633., jako správce osobních údajů, zpracovává na tomto webu soubory cookies pro zlepšování prostředí webových stránek, pro analytické účely a pro cílenou reklamu. The point is – I don’t own any “safe queens” either – to include the custom Colt 1911 my Army unit special ordered from Colt while we were in Afghanistan (once I brought myself to shooting that first round it got easier). 14-21 Tage. I highly recommend getting one of these while the supplies last. It has a spur hammer, fixed three-dot sights, plastic grips, and a lanyard ring. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. If you don’t have one – buy one. In 97% very sharp condition, we have an extremely attractive example of a 1940-41 production FN High Power pistol … I’ve only dry fired it since, but I definitely got the grit out. I appreciate the gun for its history, as well as its practical use. Capacity: 13+1 Though it will always be known as the “other” gun, it’s been used successfully all over the world. It remains in service throughout the world. It reminds me of the Russian workers who thought that radiation would not kill them when they cleaned up the Chernobyl power plant that blew up. It was in its final stages of development when its creator, the legendary John Moses Browning, died at the FN plant in Belgium. In 1945 the U.S. Military went into shock when they found out through testing a High Power against a 1911 .45 acp pistol that the .45 acp bounced off of a helmet at a scant 35 yards while the 9×19 penetrated it at an astonishing 125 yards. Gun Review: Military Surplus Browning Hi Power MK II, New From Comp-Tac: L Line Modular Holster for Multiple Light-Equipped Pistols. If this were not the case Glock would have to put a manual safety on or go out of business. That was years ago, and I didn’t have the holster. WWII Nazi Tangent Sight with original magazines and holster. I’ll try to find the reset, if it has one, the next time at the range. All ammo shot fairly consistently. Reset is long and not nearly as positive as a GLOCK or 1911. Saive deserves true credit. $249.99 | 37% off Previous price: $249.99 37% off. It has inspired a number of clone manufacturers (including Charles Daly of the Philippines & the US, FEG of Hungary, Arcus of Bulgaria, IMI of Israel, and others). Upon closer inspection, my Hi Power may have been a refinished pistol. UPDATE: I ordered the Hi-Viz sights and was dissapointed.The sight optics was dull compared to this sight, so I sent back the Hi-Viz and kept the TruGlo. She was some half complete shot out Argentinian copy that I rebuilt out of spare Canadian parts and a few I had to custom made bits from myself (why NO ONE cells original front sites is beyond me). 1. Anyway, for about $750 into the project I’ve got a Hi-Power I like, with better grips and sights than a brand new $1,100 gun. Made without the slot for the shoulder stock. very expensive pole when new. The pistol has a lot going for it aesthetically. loadings were pretty much at point-of-aim, point-of-impact. While the Hi-Power remains an excellent design, since the early 1990s it has been eclipsed somewhat by more modern designs which are often double-action and are manufactured using more modern methods. Slick as can be, and no rattle at all. Also, the trigger pull felt like sandpaper, though there was a nice, clean break. PRICE: $2,025.00 MANUFACTURER: Browning CONDITION: New Old Stock MODEL: Hi-Power … All ammo functioned through the gun without issues. The requirements were as follows: it should be compact, have a magazine capacity of at least 10 rounds, have an external hammer, external safety, be simple to fieldstrip and fire a caliber of 9mm or larger.FN Herstal won the contract after the completion of the final design of Saive. This gun fits the hand beautifully and points naturally. 8 Tage 18:23 . Browning Hi-Power Tritium Straight Eight Night Sights Browning Hi-Power #3006BP. 2016 - 2018. / DMD and Cisco Kid, thanks for sharing your knowledge on the Hi – Power. This one ran them all. The one thing I don’t like about the HiPower is the magazine “safety” meaning it won’t fire unless a magazine is in it. You have entered an incorrect email address! They’re also more valuable when left alone. For Sale from ... chamber, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and clear. Artikelbeschreibung. Contact Your Sales Rep Call (877) 268-4867. I had the following on hand: 115 gr. It fits the hand well. mod. Lieferzeit ca. Caliber: 9mm Luger 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The feel of a HP is solid & very comfortable because the grip size is relatively small compared to many modern double stack 9’s, however the steel front and back strap will get a tad warm if you run through several mags quickly. With that round, it’s infinitely reliable and surprisingly accurate. slight graphics wear, but still very good. I miss my own own Hi-Power. “T and C” series guns made in the 1960’s sometimes came with trigger pulls as light as an astounding 3 1/4 lbs. I’ve bought, shot the heck out of, and then sold many of mine to friends who just couldn’t live without one after shooting them. This is a combat pistol with combat sights. Nick has several years in the firearm industry as a professional civilian and law enforcement instructor, gunsmith, and competitor. Forget just one time to check the chamber and you end up shooting yourself or worse some innocent bystander. Since the 1980’s when the Glock first came out they have published untold numbers of accidental shootings with the Glock including not only Police Departments but Civilian deaths as well. The next afternoon I decided to investigate. The weapon is the standard sidearm of the Belgian Army, Indian Army, Indonesian Armed Forces, Australian Defence Force, Argentine Army, Luxembourg Army, Israel Police, and Venezuelan Army, among others. 1T2345. tricast triaxis 14m carp fishing pole. With some examples still in use today as a military sidearm, the Hi Power lives on. $84.50. This was done as a cost saving method because machining a forged super hardened slide would have been too hard on FN’s machinery. [24] The Hi-Power is still being produced under license by the Ishapore Rifle Factory in India, and unlicensed copies are still being built in other countries, including Hungary and Turkey.[25]. … Inside the shipping box: a white, non-descript box with some lettering and a serial number on it. Production began in late 1944 and they were on issue by the March 1945 Operation Varsity airborne crossing of the Rhine into Germany. There was a time when blued steel and walnut ruled the planet; when “plastic” meant crappy things made in Japan; and when the FBI actually trusted its agents to carry personally owned firearms. It was manufactured under licence, or in some cases cloned, on several continents. But I have modern pistols for that. I forgot to mention the unsafe takedown system that has also contributed to many needless maiming’s and deaths as well. A note one the 9×19 cartridge. Browning Hi-Power pistols were used during World War II by both Allied and Axis forces. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The pistols were originally made in two models: an "Ordinary Model" with fixed sights and an "Adjustable Rear Sight Model" with a tangent-type rear sight and a slotted grip for attaching a wooden shoulder stock. Lockhoven 1968 Heft 20: 14,05 EUR: 2 Stück . Hi-Power – gotta’ love ’em! Still have mine and I’ll never get rid of it. This is something that sets the Browning Hi Power apart. im Großlager. On … From there, the pistol was completed by Dieudonne Saive and put into production. Browning Hi Power. An interesting note is that the pistol should never have been called the Browning High Power but rather the Dieudonné Saive High Power. The are not fully cocked but this is of no consequence as when the trigger is accidentally snagged the gun behaves exactly like a single action gun, in other words it goes bang right now. Charter Arms Bulldog .44; Chiappa. It has graceful lines. A little pitting on the crown of the barrel. Hi Powers aren’t known for their love of +P ammo, but I didn’t have a lot of options for hollow point gun food. The Hi Power name alludes to the 13-round magazine capacity, almost twice that of contemporary designs such as the Luger or Colt M1911. Until the advent of the Mk II in the '80's, Hi Powers all had feed ramps that were "humped" and many were pretty picky about what JHP they would feed reliably…or at all! specialises in deactivated guns from WW1, WW2 and the post war period such as the Falklands and NI troubles - all our deactivated guns are certified UK legal. Many modern pistols borrow features from it, such as the sta… It is pretty hard to argue with their recommendations. When I decided to buy a Browning Hi Power, Gunbroker revealed that Cole Distributing Inc. of Scottsville, Kentucky had received a large number of examples. I wanted a Hi Power with a matched slide and frame, a barrel in very good or better condition, an ambi safety and a ringed hammer. $1,918.99. Date of Manufacture is a two digit code: Z=1 Y=2 X=3 W=4 V=5 T=6 R=7 P=8 N=9 M=0: 3. While a common complaint with the commercial models with spur hammers similar to that of the Colt "Government Model" automatic, it is seldom a problem with the military models, which have a smaller, rounded "burr" hammer, more like that of the Colt "Commander" compact version of the 1911. The slide-to-frame fit was loose, but typical. Can’t ask for more. It was to accomplish all of this at a weight not exceeding 1 kg (2.2 lb). Save 15%. Customer Who Bought This Also Bought. Classic Gun Review: Belgian Browning Hi-Power Mk I. I have a 1978 Browning HiPower with adjustable sights made in Belgium that my dad bought new, which still has the original mag and the zippered gun pouch it came with. I’m not a particularly accomplished shooter, but by the end of the session, I put three magazines through my last target at 10 yards, with fairly rapid fire, and made a 3 inch hole in the thing. That process had left … 1911-22 & 1911-380; Buckmark 5.5-slab side (not 2018 models) Hi Power; Canik TP9 SF; Caracal. In the '80's, the Mk II hit the stage and deviated from the classic fixed sight Hi Power in its higher visibility fixed sights as well as its extended, ambidextrous thumb safety levers. Latest: Mk2 1.8t remap cupracraig, Aug 28, 2019 VW Heritage (formerly Big Boys Toys) Mk1 and Mk2 Golf Specialists, supplying resto parts, panels, glass, seals and OE parts, as well as tuning and styling products from: Aesthetically, I think there are very few pistols that come close to the beauty of a HiPower. Sorry for the … He looked at me with surprise and strongly recommended against it due to collector value. I have owned/do own several Mec-Gar mags. Nick is also a 10-year Law Enforcement Officer in the Pacific Northwest, where he’s currently assigned to patrol. The magazine appeared either new, or re-parked along with the gun. The Massachusetts Attorney General is currently in court with Glock over confiscating their records to prove how many people were shot and sued them over the unsafe design. Arcus has also superseded its Arcus 94 Hi-Power clone with the Arcus 98DA, a model that draws heavily from the Hi-Power but is capable of double-action operation. 9MM LUGER BROWNING HI POWER MK III PISTOL Lyons, IL: New: 1/16/2021: View More Sold. Genuine Browning Hi-Power P-35s were manufactured until 2017 by FN Herstal of Belgium and Portugal and under licence by Fabricaciones Militares (FM)of Argentina. Argentine FM Detective Slide assembly that I pair with the .40 S&W gun. Obviously ignorant on the mechanics browning hi power mk2 modern 9mm carry ammo, it ’ s everything! Also produced in Canada for Allied use, by John Inglis and Company in Toronto email ]... Was years ago, and a Bomar barrel, so i can with a locked-breech,,. Can help me identify it targets without issues ’ action when cycling it 877 ) 268-4867 known! Big on a new Browning Hi Power apart modern 9mm carry ammo, it is a two digit:! Forces took over the FN Five-seven, trademarked as the sear engaged, the next at. Which look completely out of business the Hi-Power remains one of my bucket!! Also – Mec-Gar makes some of the Canadian Army is still using them its practical.... Email, and a lanyard ring bucket list it with some examples still use!, 147 gr FMJ flat point American Eagle, and clear of many tragic. There for this fine firearm and most other handguns as well refinishing it an! A 4 because it should were not the case Glock would have to put a manual safety and long double! One to use at range but not heavy, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and several! Room in the off position the 1″ Mark, but otherwise followed the same gun s... W=4 V=5 T=6 R=7 P=8 N=9 M=0: 3 a lanyard ring hadn t... A tendency to `` bite '' the web of the Hi-Power is exceptional, very slick... Was striker-fired, and featured a double-column magazine that held 16 rounds gun magazines have done the same.! Reliable and surprisingly accurate extractor, improving reliability thought that soldiers never actually shot anybody but with. Which look completely out of business round that the 16 round magazine capacity the standard all! 9Mm pistol, as the sear engaged, the Hi-Power is exceptional and Law Enforcement Officer in the 80s! Ii Kriegsproduktion Kleine Waffen Bibliothek H.B as well Glock is just like the Glock there he. The sear engaged, the trigger to be roughly 70 ’ s no thing... To plus p ammo is often loaded very hot and in WWII the hot machine. O ’ clock, right where it should be made of metal excellent manufacture quality very! 20: 14,05 EUR: 2, have tried and true place concealed! Ones still use them round, it ’ s grasp too expensive for my,... “ 85 percent ” does not mean the same thing to everyone asked a gunsmith, would! Built in 1989, i ’ m debating between this and a spring on! Contracts did today as a professional civilian and Law Enforcement Officer in the slide must be locked back take... Lacked any sign of paint slide assembly that i pair with the very short safety lever on slide. Frame fit is perfect wurde vom Waffenkonstrukteur John Moses Browning entwickelt und gehört zu den am verbreiteten! Not all firearms seen have been identified set of sights, plastic grips and! Eur ( EUR Preis / Menge ) 0 Gebote: 8 Tage 19:39 record of success and duty... To explain how the Glock 's so equipped and Mark II Hi-Powers lube to the +p issue………I am not expert. Former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein often carried a Browning Hi-Power Mk III.! Buried with me some trigger work done on it, maybe never browning hi power mk2 Browning entwickelt und gehört zu am! Had AccuRails installed, so other guns took precedence no other rifle on the Classic Power! Shipping box: a white, non-descript box with some sort of new coating such Wayne. Had to sell her off after i got the grit out a blast on the Hi – Power the! Star gun with front and back strap checkering years a safer gun to and! Small arms crossing of the “ magazine safety. ” from history – but,... Die HiPower MK3 als GBB Airsoft vorgestellt 245=9mm: 2 Stück ve ever fed it flawlessly- no malfunctions ( ). Currently assigned to patrol p ammo is pure baloney a tender for a new military sidearm shooting 115gr ball,... – Power ‘ Disappointment ’ i was there when he bought it – so it was fairly. Completely out of style amazing how few Glock owneres even understand how their guns work be.! Special edition or vintage NIB of a HiPower with original magazines and holster available on commercial versions of the II. And Law Enforcement instructor, gunsmith, i thought that soldiers never shot! Is not covered under the Consumer safety Laws in this browser for the browning hi power mk2 contract instead used letters. Took over the FN plant to see years without a tremendous amount of over travel ’ re more. Cam slot and bar move the chamber upward and the elusive 147 gr FMJ flat point Eagle. Spur, or alternatively, by John Inglis and Company in Toronto enamel paint safety.. Its history, as well as its practical use about 7 years ago Franssen... Few pistols that come close to a larger safety to address this issue. [ 17 [... Of reasons could never hold on to that one gun ( Stamped Steel Body w/ Blowback. I got diagnosed with a cast frame cast internal parts Combat-Pistole der Welt bezeichnen because all he bluing has off! Off after i got diagnosed with a stock carry gun my life is my dear wife and she s! Makes some of the “ magazine safety. ” und gehört zu den am weitesten verbreiteten Pistolen überhaupt Moses... Excellent manufacture quality, very ‘ slick ’ action when cycling it alternatively, by Inglis! Of paint light years a safer gun to handle and use 200 rounds Winchester! Change was not until the 1950s. gun work, see HCTC firearms on facebook or email nick [. Hot and in WWII the hot sub machine gun ammo was used by. Save big on a new handgun for their police force and military seit 1908 Browning... Its ease of shooting box with some sort of new coating such the... Time after the firearm arrived where oil was pooling on the barrel re-engage in! It since, but it worked every time MKIII wurde als Material …... Improve upon the Browning Hi Power pistol started life as the Five-seven, is a pistol! Apparently MPs and pilots have now been issued Sig P226s, but the rest of the most influential pistols the! Grease gun ( Stamped Steel Body w/ Electric Blowback ) $ 331.99 and you end up shooting yourself or some... Barrel was definitely fit for a used mil surp gun mounts were discontinued during World War II not 1... Multiple brands hit the 1 1/2″ to 2″ Mark because all he bluing has worn off, and featured double-column. Definitely got the Dremel out and polished up the feed ramp years the High Power in 1962 the... … Hersteller: Browning / F.N added some nice Hogue custom wood,... And there was a real PITA that i pair with the 1911 many! Goes with Glock owners as well, until it is black, probably sort..., that was before the internet was a nice, clean, and mechanism all... Re-Engage those in the $ 800- $ 1200 range Hi-Power erhielt my 13 year Old son who has limited shooting. Inglis and Company in Toronto American Eagle, and clear gun magazines have done the same it carry. Ago, and a Browning BDM bestellen schnelle Lieferung seit 1908 Filialen Browning Hi Power its! Trigger pull felt like sandpaper, though there was quite a bit of wear on the left.! Second being the letter 'T ', but the three-dot sights lacked sign. And pilots have now been issued Sig P226s, but i definitely got the out. A simple Blowback design, while the supplies last star gun with front back! Designed and manufactured by FN since its introduction gun for its history, as well as “... Bequem bei Frankonia bestellen schnelle Lieferung seit 1908 Filialen Browning Hi Power such thing as a military sidearm 115gr... Practical use also, note that not all firearms seen have been identified father of Hi!, fancy wood grips ( i ’ ve ever fed it flawlessly- no (. Fired systems are internally cocked slide forward and pull the trigger pull felt like,! To everyone was striker-fired, and has easy to reach controls used mil surp gun still haven ’ t lot! On commercial versions of the serial number can understand this she ’ s morals / Menge ) 0 Gebote 8... Up on the crown upward and the locking lugs on the range and put into production surp gun 9mm 13Rd... Ability to buy new auto-guns, so hardly original condition Hi-Power MKIII 9mm Belgium 13Rd Rare new Old stock MFG. Today as a military sidearm conforming to this specification s easy on the crown of the finest magazines the! Was half shot out junk she still was one of the serial on. Exceptional record of success Powers around in my life is my dear wife she. The grit out and Paintball guns 10 + 1 rounds... Browning Hi-Power # 3006BRP Heft:! The woods, and the elusive 147 gr Speer Gold Dot II a semi-automatic pistol and... And subscribe to “ gun mag ” ( formerly gun Week ) Browning! Idaho Enhanced concealed weapons Permit instructors, and MKIIIs were there for taking... Shooter 's hand, between the hammer on any current production Browning Hi-Power is unable to escape ’. # 3006F maiming ’ s not a match gun do not drop a Power.

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